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Groceries delivered to your door!

Have your groceries and household items sent right to your front door at the time of your choosing!  So worth it when you have a little one!  Follow the link, put in your zip code, and shop from home. 

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FREE online library!  Read, read,read for FREE all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone! All you need is an active library care account (which is free) I admit I am nostolgic about paper books but you can't beat free and always access able!  Literally changed my life- Suddenly I was reading way more often than before. Plus they even have picture books for when you little one gets a little older.  


Start a new calendar

Have friends who want to help you but aren't sure how?  Try this!  Beyond just gifting you food- this calendar encourages help like groceries, doing laundry, housework, yard care, any domestic duty that could free you up to snuggle and bond more! 


Plan your meals AND save money!

Gluten free? dairy free? Vegetarian? Large family? Small family? It doesn't matter because you can customize your preferences to fit your needs. This service will send you the recipes, the directions, and the shopping list. All of it is printable and reusable. No wasted time planning! It is enforces by Dave Ramsey as a money saver because the recipes will have you use leftover ingredients for other meals and maximize your value while minimizing your waste!  Worth it!