For those of us who learn better with audio & visual aid (Kate included).

Vaginal birth

A mini, illustrated video showing what is happening on a physiological level during vaginal delivery.

What is childbirth really like?

Every birth is different.  However, being familiar with what to expect is helpful to forming realistic expectations. 

To learn more, I suggest taking a childbirth class.  

I teach group and private classes.

Providence Hospital Classes.

PRINTABLE cliff-notes of labor & delivery

Observe the epidural PROCEDURE and the birthing mother

The element of surprise can be unsettling. Watch this video if you are considering an epidural.

Rich in content, Stanford Medicine Created nursing videos! Watch it now and again watch it while holding your little one. The videos are NOT impressive quality but the content is 100% solid!  Worth watching!  I recommend the videos "The Perfect Latch" and "Breastfeeding in the First Hour" as absolutely must-see videos! 

Several more, positive, educational videos in the Lamaze video library.