Professional Birth Support ~ Doula

Birthers, I will continuously adjust my methods, shift my language, & alter my style to reflect your energy & values. I will flow with you as we harmoniously honor your unique birthing journey.
— Kate
Why hire Kate for births in Snohomish County, Washington.

What services can you expect from Kate?

Support services DURING PREGNANCY 

  • Free, no obligation, in home, hour interview 
  • First prenatal: I will invest time listening to the birther and build strong, trusting relationship with you and your other birth support and...
  • Help you develop your birth plan as we explore your values and preferences 
  • Second prenatal: Teach you a private, in-home, 2 hour, fully adjustable childbirth class to reflect your birth goals
  • Teach you proven pain coping techniques
  • Recommend exercises & nutrition for pregnancy if interested
  • Teach you visualization and meditation if interested
  • Help you and your partner work through emotional, mental or spiritual issues, blocks or fears
  • Help develop postpartum plan
  • Additional visits available
  • Refer doctors and care providers as needed

Support services DURING LABOR & DELIVERY

  • Provide 24-hour on-call availability beginning two-weeks before due date
  • Provide unlimited telephone support during early labor
  • Come to your home or place of birth during active labor and remain by your side through birth
  • Access to your own TENS unit
  • Protect your peaceful, sacred space 
  • Provide emotional and physical support to you and your birth partner as needed
  • Assist you and your birth partner with optimal positioning to progress labor, promote comfort, promote baby's health
  • Explain what changes and progress has been made in your body as the Midwife/Doctor assesses you
  • Suggest helpful positions and assistance into those postions if you are interested
  • Provide approved nutrition and hydration
  • Relaxation support (mediation, visualization, progressive)
  • Continuous contact and counter-pressure offered
  • Guidance and encouragement throughout labor
  • Suggestions for pushing
  • Prepare you for unexpected experiences, should they arise


  • Help restore your energy by ensuring you get necessary nourishment after birth
  • Tenderly groom you into the lovely person you already are with some clean up, and restoration so you love your newborn family pictures 
  • Assistance with initial breastfeeding
  • First postpartum home visit on day three: discuss adjustments
  • Continued unlimited phone, text, and/or e-mail support until 8 weeks postpartum
  •  Second postpartum home visit: re-tell and share in the memories of your labor and baby's arrival

Doula services within a 20 mile radius $1,100

Doula Services from a 21- 35 mile radius: $1,500

Kate encourages bartering for equal value. Suggested offers include car repair services, massages, chiropractic services, land, & rental space.