Qualification & Experience


Labor Maiden Birthing Services is happy to provide this information to secure that Kate; the owner, operator, educator, and doula who will be serving you, has the credentials you're looking for! As well as an opportunity to learn about her life and value, for those who are curious. 




Certified Childbirth DOula

I am certified and experienced as a doula, serving birthing in their sacred passage. For a detailed explanation of what doula care may look like for you, I have created a breakdown of what kind of care is common on my Professional Birth Support. However, your labor and birth care is as individual as you are!  There are no cookie-cutter plans when it comes to making you feel safe and comfortable.  

Though I am honored by my credentials, my true qualifications are found in my innate conviction that all caring birthers have a spiritual need and right to be educated, supported, loved, and cared for with tender compassion! Therefore, I believe am qualified by my genuine love of my work more than my paperwork. I have loved on birthers and their families for the following types of births: 

  • Birth center births
  • Hospital births
  • Still births
  • Medically managed births
  • Epidural births
  • Unmedicated births
  • Water births
  • Military service members
  • VBAC births
  • Handicap birthers
  • Teen birthers
  • Single parents
  • Premature births
  • Cesarean deliveries 

I also have advanced training in chestfeeding, TENS unit use for labor (I own one for my client's use), prenatal visit care, infant loss, placenta encapsulation, and rebozo use.

Certified Childbirth Educator

The motto for the organization ICEA who certified me is, "Freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives." I fully value the emphasis put on education and personal preference and recognize that neither is more important than the other! I love attending additional training and studying birth, education, and childbirth culture academically but also, more often, as a recreational activity.  I would do this whether I was a professional or not out of sheer fascination.

I absolutely LOVE sharing my knowledge and transferring skills to families! For you, I imagine learning all there is to know about the bodies of our beloved birthers is an overwhelming task!  However, feeling secure in what you do know and navigating what is important for you to know as it relates to your own birth goals doesn't have to be overwhelming at all.  It can be inspiring and even fun! That is why I teach classes. I love to teach about childbirth!  I genuinely transform myself into your personal guide, navigating you through whatever path best suits your goals.  I share, with enthusiasm, audio-visual aids, simple language, and your participation, what to expect, and therefore minimalism the element of surprise.  

I teach both in home private classes and FREE community classes. The private classes that are fully tailored to your birthing value and goals in the comfort of your own home. This is about an two hour class and often works as an doula interview as we get to know each other.  The community class is an opportunity for ANYONE to come and have a source of information besides the massive enigma of the internet or bottomless pile of library books! Check out the details here. 


Certified Nursing Assistant

I admire the skill of your medical team and was excited to learn more about the medical community.  This training expanded my understanding of how to better care for my dear clients and communicate with those honored experts.   This comes in most helpful when serving clients who choose a hospital setting. The staff knowing I am also a CNA creates a unifying element.

Providing medical care is outside of my scope of practice while serving you in the role of doula. However, I am available for hire providing postpartum care as a certified caregiver on an as needed basis.



EXPERIENCE & Getting to know Kate


A lifelong commitment to families

I had a rough childhood. I remember attending 10 different schools before sixth grade, lived in a home with only two books (one edition of the Bererstain Bears and the other, stacks of TV Guides), and a mother who was exhausted from a lifetime of trauma making regular drug use and a home full of strangers a  common event. All that created a child who became a care-taker as my primary role in my household. Obviously, this is not healthy.

This is my dear mother in labor with me in 1982

This is my dear mother in labor with me in 1982

Now, I am a woman passionately fueled to bring restoration to hearts who feel forgotten and minds that have simply never known anything other than what their environment showed them. I have first hand experience into the value of investing in children, supporting and equipping parents.

I became a Sunday School teacher, a youth leader, a camp counselor, a tutor, a foster parent, a nanny, a governance, high school English teacher, and Director of Family Ministries, and all those oppertunities have enhanced my calling in birth work.

 Serving families my entire adult life has been rewarding. This has provided me an opportunity to process and heal the wounds of neglect through caring for others. I have found my work profoundly satisfying. 

Social Justice 

Kate in Swatziland, Africa taking a break from building a local playground to steal some snuggles from this little guy- who, sadly,  couldn't fit in my carry-on .

Kate in Swatziland, Africa taking a break from building a local playground to steal some snuggles from this little guy- who, sadly,  couldn't fit in my carry-on.

I was so thankful to go on this tip to Africa and absorb all that I could of the deep, loving culture of the generous village I served. A one in a lifetime opportunity.  While there I was even able to teach a group of women who were leaders in their communities about how to be more aware of their fertility cycles therefore be more predictable in planning pregnancy!  So inspiring!

I learned so much about life as I taught about life.  It was yet another reminder of how important it is to listen to those around me before I speak.  I am assured I have more to learn then I could ever teach. My true value is not in what I offer others but in how I let their truths into my heart. It is grand to have life adventures like this. 

It is equally as satisfying to serve the families in need here in my home county.  I have served families since 2005 as a State trained and Licensed foster parent in both Washington and Indiana. That training equipped me in in all manner of extreme personal relational skills. That is a fancy way of saying I gratefully received more information about how to love of people of all ages who are learning to find their value (aren't we all)?

These are some of the precious babies I have cared for while a foster parent.

These are some of the precious babies I have cared for while a foster parent.

 I also became keenly aware of how valuable the support a family has can be what normalizes the journey and protects an entire community.  Having families well connected to community resources is always a blessing to everyone in that community.   I am happy to share my experience as a foster parent and support others who are maybe just contemplating serving their communities by loving these snugly kiddos.  


Commitment to Inclussion

I am passionate about all people belonging. I am grateful to serve at a local, liberal, progressive church where all dogmas, life styles, and choices are respected with equal value.  This shift in spiritual culture is long overdue in my life.  I didn't even know there were churches that advocated so well for inclusion.  This, of course, flows in direct harmony with my Labor Maiden Birthing Services values because all families deserve the rights of honor, love, and support.  Families are for everyone. 

I have no exceptions nor preferences on the religious view points of those I serve.  I recognize all people as spiritual beings no matter how/if they choose to explore that part of themselves. I deeply believe we all have more to unite us as one people than to divide us.

I currently serve as my church's Director of Family Ministries where I support strong family connections.

Random Kate Facts

  • I am memorized by magic with the same wonder and enchantment of an ignorant 6 year old.
  • I wish I could say I am a gardener-- But I think that requires things growing on purpose.  So it is more accurate to say I like to play in the dirt.
  • Despite my angry allergies, I LOVE being outside: hiking, camping, walking, sunbathing, reading, ect. Outside is my happy place.
  • Vitamin D is a saturating, instantly sleep-inducing source for me... I must have been a spoiled house cat in another life. 
  • I appreciate quick wit and any excuse to laugh (unless it causes harm, of course.) I am shamelessly impressed with a well placed pun. 
  • I am a total sci-fi nerd.  Mostly Start Trek, Next Generation.
  • I enjoy historical novels, and dystopian themed recreational reading. 
  • I'm a wanna-be vegan.... But Cheese is sooooooo amazing... 
Loungin in a hammock- this is the good life

Loungin in a hammock- this is the good life

This is an illistration of me trying to interpet my pregnancy test drawn by a local artist, Jenny Godfrey. I love her work!

This is an illistration of me trying to interpet my pregnancy test drawn by a local artist, Jenny Godfrey. I love her work!


Kate is a mother

These are Kate's own amazing kiddos

These are Kate's own amazing kiddos

I have 4 amazing, better than I could've ever known to hope for children! Three strong, sassy, young ladies and one compassionate, kind boy.  Being a mother is my utmost priority and has been fantastically rewarding. Not without it's trials, but fully worth every moment.  My life is so rich and satisfying with all that these young, world citizens are teaching me! 


Mini version of my birth stories:

The birth of my firstborn was in 2005 in Washington State. I was thrilled to be a parent but terrified about the birthing process! I had to own my anxiety and actively search to discover peace in my mind and understand the philosophy. I began to research birth. I wanted to learn to appreciate birth the way it occures if not interupted. My journey led me to a Bradley coach who further challenged me to not just release my fear but to embrace my experience. 

It was a wonderful time of personal growth for me.  I went from wanting a planed, non-medically necessary cesarean section (trying desperately to control the situation) to birthing all naturally in a freestanding birthing center.  I was surrounded by my family and friends with singing, prayers, and a host of love. It was a water birth and a deeply spiritual experience for me that I never thought was even possible!

Still in the tub momrents after my first birth

Still in the tub momrents after my first birth

I began labor with my next two children for about 20 months before delivery- Now, don’t be alarmed... It was an adoption.  :)  The labor (waiting, prayer, legalities, and paperwork) was truly exhausting and quite emotional.  It was by far the most challenging of all my children's entry into our family but also the easiest actual birth!  In a 7-minute court hearing they became ours!  How we celebrated!

My most recent birth was an unmediated, hospital birth in 2007 in Indiana state.  This was a difficult situation for me.  My desire was for a home birth but I felt personally conflicting with the ethics of being attending by a midwife at home because at that time the state's legislation forbid a midwife from serving in homes.  I ended up birthing at the hospital. 

Hospital births offer no less value, of course. However, after tending to my ailing mother, in and out of hospitals my whole life, the hospital was a challenging place for me to relax and surrender to.   The environment of the hospital itself I associated with sadness, uncertainty and fear.  This led to a great deal of unnecessary anxiety for me. This is a personal testimony of why I am so passionate about a woman having the option to birth wherever she feels most safe, loved and supported. I did have the best birth the atmosphere would allow me with wonderful support.

Through this journey of my own life I recognized the immense value of this sacred season of life.  I am convinced that quality education and support can take what may be considered a hardship and transform it into a life defining, sacred memory.