Gdiapers Try Me Bundle

Let the record show I am not a fan of propping a bottle when feeding babies (pardon the lack of explanation) However, I am also not a fan of milk/formula soaks bedding and car seats. This rubbery structure allows a bottle to rest nipple up if you drift to sleep, side by side with your little one. You have enough to do without any laundry piled on top the exsisting mound! 

If you only read one book- This is one to read.  You don't have to read straight through it. It has a magnificent index and you can easily navigate your journey one topic at a time.  I've personally met three of the books contributing authors and they all really rallied their skill sets to communicate, in laymans' terms, a fantastic supply of practical information! 

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide
By Penny Simkin PT, Janet Whalley RN IBCLC, Ann Keppler RN MN, Janelle Durham MSW LCCE, April Bolding DPT CCE CD