Recovery from birth, adjusting to new roles, and caring for yourself is challenging!  Your are NOT EXPECTED to "have it all together!"  It is fully okay, in fact, it is far more common to be surprised by the learning curve of balancing all that is now your reality.  Bless yourself with an unquestionable, unconditional permission to get help!  


Parent Trust

1-800-932-HOPE (4673) M-F 9AM-5PM Help line and resource list. You can call them directly or navigate the keyword dropbox for an exhaustive, complete, information for nearly ALL things family! By far my favorite, one-stop recourse list! Based in Seattle, Parent Trust is a genuine safe place! I have personally worked with several of their employees and volunteers and found them sincere and really interested in empowering parents! They're on your team!

Postpartum Support


Postpartum Support specifically for those who may be struggling with overwhelming emtional adjustments or those who feel they may be headed in that direction. It never hurts to call. 


Postpartum Support


Hotline for support as well as local help connecting to communities of support here in Washington. :)

Let other's know how they can help you!

Create a calendar so concerned people can show you support in practical ways!  Try this!  Beyond just gifting you food- this calendar encourages help like groceries, doing laundry, housework, yard care, any domestic duty that could free you up to snuggle and bond more! 


PURPLE crying

Worth the watch! Every parent will be relieved to know about PURPLE crying and to know the range of "normal."


Amazon Fresh

Have your groceries and household items sent right to your front door at the time of your choosing!  So worth it when you have a little one!  Follow the link, put in your zip code, and shop from home.