Placenta Encapsulation


Contact Kate with:

  • your approximate due date
  •  where you plan to deliver your baby
  • where you will be for the delivery of your capsules

and she will respond with some easy instructions to ensure the expert care of your placenta.


Your Placenta will be picked up within 24 hours of your birth and returned to you within 24 hours of that pick up.  


$200  for those living in this area:

I ask for a $25 non-refundable deposit when I am hired.  This secures your place on my calendar, and compensates for my time even if you are unable to keep your placenta or change your mind.  


 If you decide to work with me, I will provide detailed instructions on how to notify me, how to have your placenta released from a hospital, how to store your placenta, and instructions for how to take your placenta capsules.  Here is an overview of the process:

I will need to pick up your placenta within a few days after birth.  I ask that you (or someone on your birth support team) give me a ‘heads up’ call when you go into labor so I know I will be preparing your placenta soon.  And another call when your baby is born to arrange pickup.   I pick your placenta up from your home or the hospital, and return it in capsule form the next day.  

Your placenta is prepared by steaming it with lemon, jalapeno and ginger using a Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘recipe’; please let me know if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients.  The steamed placenta is then thinly sliced, dried over night, and ground into a powder which is put into gel capsules.  The capsules are delivered to you in a jar, with instructions on the label for how to take them.