Community Childbirth Class!

Community is important!  Join with others sharing the same  life transitions and make friends!  As part of my commitment to social justice and equality and education being accessible to all people, I offer this, FREE, group class (limited to 15 couples), about six times a year. Select a specific class date by clicking the link to RSVP link below.


This free, community service class is held pending a minimum of 3 couples will attend and be benefiting.  RSVPing is required in order to secure I have adequate enrolled attendees and class materials. 

With lively interaction and participation we will discuss, learn, receive instruction on the following topics:

  • How to identify when "it’s time"

  • What is "normal" ?

  • What do I have choices about?

  • What is happening inside me and what affects those changes?

  • Are there proven pain coping techniques? What are they?

  • I'm not sure we/I have considered the emotional, mental, or spiritual issues, blocks or fears that may effect my labor-- suggest ways to process and mentally prepare?

  • Newborn care hacks (including nursing))

Classes are held within two miles of  exit #199  off of I5 into Mayrsville, WA. Once you have submitted your RSVP you will receive a confirmation email including details on location and such.

Send a text to 425-773-7567 or