Parent Support Groups


Program for Early Parent Support

Being in a community of others living through the same stage of life normalizes the journey! Finding "safe places" to replenish your personal perspective is an invaluable way to honor yourself!



Okay, so you may not be feeling motivated to sweat but WAIT-- there is more to the YMCA! The average family YMCA membership includes 1.5- 2 hours of included childcare DAILY! You can get some much needed you time!!! For real! They take babies as young as 6 weeks and have a flat rate no matter how many kids you have AND SCHOLARSHIPS! You could walk while listening to your favorite podcast, take a long, relaxing shower UNINTERRUPTED,-- yes, it's possible!!


Great Starts: Circle of Parents

I just don't have enough words to praise the works, heart, and motivation of the Great Starts staff! I have met several of them personally and the are a supportive, judgement free zone with LIMITLESS support. Also, note they offer scholarships for many of their programs to increase your access to education and oceans of resources. CHECK 'EM OUT!