In-home, private childbirth class

In-Home Childbirth Classes! This class is 100% fully customized to your preferences! It is flexible, comfortable, travel-free, and made on your schedule! Plenty of time for your personal questions & reflections of your values.  You suggest the class topics you'd like to learn & I'll tailor the information to your concerns & learning style!

This class is YOURS!  You control the content. I create an agenda and you adjust, augment, and change it all you'd like. These are just a handful of ideas of how we may spend our time in class:

  • How to identify when" it’s time?"
  • What should should I expect as "normal?"
  • What do I have choices about?
  • How does my body respond to labor?  What is happening inside me and what affects those changes?
  • Are there proven pain coping techniques? What are they? Let's practice!
  • I'm not sure partner and I have considered emotional, mental or spiritual issues, blocks or fears that may affect my labor-- suggest ways to process and mentally prepare?
  • "Tricks" to a successful to newborn care (including nursing)
  • Help refine your birth preferences
  • Recommend exercises & nutrition for pregnancy
  • Guide you in relaxation (visualization and meditation)
  • Help you and your partner work through emotional, mental or spiritual issues, blocks or fears and suggest strategies to process 
  • Newborn care
  • Nursing

$200  (free to paid doula clients)

If you become a doula client after the class you may apply your class fee toward your doula support payment. 

To arrange an in-home, fully individualized childbirth class, please text Kate directly at 425.773.7657